Let’s meet up in Manitowoc!

I want to make sure you heard about an event I will be hosting at the Court House Pub in Manitowoc on Thursday 27th! We will be giving an update on the campaign before the League of Women Voters Candidate forum at the Manitowoc City hall at 7pm. I strongly encourage you to attend both events! We are so close to November 8th and I need your support to win this race!

Come see Sarah get Endorsed by the Alliance for Retired Americans!

I am honored to announce that I have been endorsed by the Alliance for Retired Americans! There will be an official announcement this Friday, 11:00AM at the Winnebago Democratic Party Office, 480 N Main St, Oshkosh, WI 54901.

I am running for Congress because we need to ensure retirement security for all Americans, during these times of economic uncertainty we should be talking about how to strengthen pensions, social security, and other retirement programs not cut them.

My opponent sits on the House sub-committee that oversees pensions. I am hearing across the district that he is not responding to their requests for action on their pension issues. And he has failed to offer a clear position on protecting Social Security. This is not acceptable.

Social Security is the agreement made between people and the government and we must honor that. In the same way, pensions are an agreement between corporations and the hard working people that contributed over their working lives. People need retirement security. In Congress I will fight to make sure that Americans can retire with the dignity and comfort they deserve

Come join me, along with Executive Director of the Alliance for Retired Americans Gregory Neil and Treasurer Bernie Faust to show your support for show your support for retired Americans and my vision for the 6th Congressional District.  This event is free and open to the public! I strongly encourage you to join us and bring a friend this Friday, 11:00AM at the Winnebago Democratic Party Office to I hope to see you there!

Come See Sarah and Jim Hightower!

Former Texas Agriculture Commissioner Jim Hightower, well known national radio commentator, columnist, and editor of The Hightower Lowdown, a monthly newsletter, will join Sarah Lloyd in Waupun for a rally to support Lloyd’s bid for U.S. Congress. When describing the current state of the US political environment, Hightower says, “Politics isn’t about left versus right; it’s about top versus bottom.”

Other speakers at the rally will include Blue Jean Nation founder Mike McCabe, author of Blue Jeans in High Places: The Coming Makeover of American Politics, and Peter Rickman, Co-Chair, of the Wisconsin Working Families Party. The event will be held Friday September 16th from 5:00pm to 6:30pm at the Waupun Historical Society building at 520 McKinley St, Waupun. Admission is free and open to public but seating will be limited.

Please RSVP here.


Check Out Sarah In The News!

Just in! A Cap Times article featuring Sarah Lloyd and other Wisconsin candidates who are turning heads in this year’s election! Click here to view.

OurRevolution Kick-Off Columbia County

Come out to the Columbia County Democratic Party office in Portage on Wednesday, August 24th for the launch of Our Revolution. This is the kickoff so we can continue to fight for the ideals and ideas of the movement that came together around the Bernie Sanders campaign and continues today.

Bernie will speak via livestream at 8pm and lay out the path forward for our movement. Please arrive at 7:30pm.

Please RSVP here.

Clean Wisconsin Action Fund endorses Sarah

For Immediate Release
August 3, 2016
Contact: Sarah Lloyd 920 2152443

Clean Wisconsin Action Fund Endorses Sarah Lloyd for Congress

Portage, WI — Sarah Lloyd, candidate for the Democratic nomination in Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional District, is proud to announce the endorsement of the Clean Wisconsin Action Fund.

“We appreciate Sarah Lloyd’s commitment to work toward policies that will protect Wisconsin’s precious natural resources and public health while promoting job creation,” the Clean Wisconsin
Action Fund said in their endorsement, adding, “We look forward to working with Sarah in the future to promote natural resource policies that promote economic growth for Wisconsin.”

“Clean water and clean energy are major platform planks in my campaign, and that is why I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Clean Wisconsin Action Fund,” said Sarah Lloyd.

“We have serious water quantity and quantity issues that must be addressed collaboratively. I look forward to working together with Clean Wisconsin, farmers, industry, municipalities and private residences to support the best practices to reduce nutrient runoff and pollution from both point and nonpoint sources. If we do not address these issues head on and find workable solutions, we will not get a second chance.”

Sarah Lloyd dairy farms with her husband Nels Nelson and his family outside of Wisconsin Dells. She works off-farm for the Wisconsin Farmers Union and the Wisconsin Food Hub
Cooperative and currently serves on the National Dairy Board. The primary election is August 9, 2016.